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I started having facial hair removal treatments with Angelina about 7 months ago – the first 4 months using laser and the past 3 months using electrolysis. I am thrilled with the results. I used to have to shave my face twice a day. Now I don’t see any dark hairs and the electrolysis is getting rid of the stray lighter and white hairs, at minimal cost. This is a cost-effective, permanent method of getting rid of unwanted hair that I thought would require 1-2 years and thousands of dollars and here I am 7 months later, no longer needing to shave my face! She’s a very thorough and ethical business woman who genuinely cares about her clients.

Within the last week, I was asked out on dates by 3 different (very attractive) men. Though there have been other contributing factors to my new-found openness toward men, I’m sure it’s due in large part because I am so much more confident and feel so much better about my appearance. I highly recommend Angelina to anyone wanting to take the step in investing in their appearance and self-confidence in this way. Angelina is personable, down to earth, warm, and most importantly, her treatments work!”

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