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reviews-marena I had never tried laser hair removal before coming to Angelina’s and was pretty nervous and skeptical about how it worked. Angelina was so friendly and easy going and she took all the time I wanted to explain how the process worked, my different options, and what to expect. I was worried about reviews of other laser clinics that complain about clinics promising complete and perfect hair removal in only a few sessions, only to find that it doesn’t deliver. Angelina on the other hand, was very upfront about how the process varies and why it can be hard to predict exactly how hair will respond. Also, I appreciate that she won’t recommend treatments if they are not going to make a difference after a certain point – she wants you to be happy with the whole process! She has been very flexible in finding appointment times that work for me, even with a shifting and unpredictable schedule. She is also great at making you feel relaxed during treatments and makes sure you are comfortable and answers any questions about the process as you go. I have been impressed with results so far – we’re still working on a few persistent hairs but overall the process has been quick and painless!

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